Our Family Values

We believe people are more important than things – in loving others around us and sharing life with those people. We strive to respect and serve others around us.

We believe debt is not a tool. We value a budget and living (as much as possible) debt free.

We value generosity and serving those in need.

We believe that life is a journey and enjoy traveling and embracing other cultures.

We value intentional and simple living.

We make plans for our family in 3 – 5 year timelines that help guide your decisions.

We believe that marriage and children are blessings from God. We want to be a family that supports one another in all areas of life so that we and support others outside our family.

We value education and the joy and the continual discovery of learning new things.

We believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings to love others. This is the starting point, the foundation, to all other virtues and goals in our family.