The End of the Story

The boy started down the road walking at a normal pace. But as he got closer and closer to his destination, he noticed himself walking faster and faster. By the time he reached the door of the jewelers, he was slightly out of breath. He gained his composure and walked through the door. When greeted by the owner, he dug the rock out of his bag and handed it to the jeweler. “Very interesting” was the jeweler’s response when he saw the rock. “Where did you find this?” The boy told him the story. The jeweler listened in silence and then replied, “If it’s okay with you, I’d like to break it open to see what is inside.” “Of course!” replied the boy, “That is why I’ve come!”.

The jeweler beckoned the boy to the back of the store and placed the rock on his counter. With a small hammer and an even smaller chisel he gently split open the rock. The boy’s eyes widen as he saw the contents of his rock; sparking gold and diamonds. The jeweler turned around with a big smile and said “Son, I do believe that you’ve found a treasure.”