The Story

Once there was a boy walking along the road when something shiny caught his eye. He walked over and knelt down to get a closer look. He saw a brown rock with streaks of what looked like gold running through it. He was very excited. He picked up the rock, put it in his bag, and ran home. He ran straight up the stairs and put the rock on his desk. Over the next couple days he spent hours examining the rock and the small streaks the ran through it.

After a while though, the rock seemed less special. “It is probably fool’s gold,” he said to himself. He grew less interested with the rock. Over the next few years the rock sat on his desk; every once in awhile he would look at it and be reminded of the hope that he once had. His friends who knew about the rock would encourage him to take it to the jeweler and have it examined… “it could be worth a lot of money!” they told him. But he ignored them.

He was too busy with his life and job to bother with it. Then one day he started thinking more and more about the rock. He couldn’t get it out of his mind that sitting on his desk might be something that might be of tremendous value. After weeks of wrestling with these thoughts he finally resolved to take action: “I will take the rock to the jeweler to have it examined.” He went to his desk, picked up the rock, put it in his bag, and set out. Feeling nervous and excited for what might be, he began the long walk to the jewelers.