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Expats aren’t just Americans, but this post is definitely geared more towards our American readers who want to learn more about other American expats abroad. Maybe Turkey isn’t your fav (we are terribly saddened by this). YoungAmericanExpat website is the place to find out where other expats love to live and work!

I have mentioned before that an expat in another country means you have a unique perspective. Websites like YoungAmericanExpat help others gain knowledge about how other Americans live their expat life. Each country is different and each person’s story about how they got there is too. This website will be an eventually be an encyclopedia of expats bloggers and expat resources for all future expat!

Check out their short video explaining who they are:


Recently, we were asked to shared our website via a profile at YoungAmericanExpat website.  Our interview for this website was less about the specific of Turkey and our life, and more general information about who we are, where we live, and how we work as expats. If you are more curious about our daily life and culture, definitely check out our FunkTravels PodcastEpisode032 and Episode033 we spent answering Q&As from our listeners.

Check out our profile here and enjoy learning about others who live abroad as well!


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If you would like to be features as an expat, just write the website via their contact page!