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WRITING: 7 Enticing Cities for First-Time Solo Female Travelers

Sorry men, not trying to leave you out, but this one is for the ladies! I mean, you totally can read it, and most of it would actually still be applicable to you!

I don’t have to tell you that Turkey is a favorite country of mine. If you are new here, then you might not know that I fell in love with Turkey back in my single days. While Turkey at that time was considered modern, I found it to still be somewhat conservative for women traveller.  The city atmosphere have definitely changed over the last 8 years, but I still hold true to some of my suggestions for female travellers to more rural areas.

I wrote an article featured on Women on the Road titled Female Travel to Turkey: 7 Enticing Cities for First-Time Solo TravelersFrom my many trips around this country, most as a single gal, I loved sharing the 7 cities (along with some travel suggestions) solo female travellers should check out!

Here is the start of the article:

In 2008 I boarded a plane by myself to move to Turkey, a country I had never been to before, for at least two years.

Even though I was a well-traveled college graduate, I see now my innocence in making such a big move just one year out of university.

And you know what?

The solo move to Turkey was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and it’s one of the reasons I now live here again today.

Best Turkish cities for solo women travelers – at least I think so

I love this country, what I know and what I have yet to discover. But if it’s your first time and you’re on your own, here are seven wonderful Turkish cities that would make a great starting point for your travels….

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I would love to hear if you would travel to Turkey! Or if you have, what cities would you suggest?

P.S. Check out Expat Podcast to hear about our move to Turkey and what it looks like to live here full-time!