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WRITING: Fun in the Historic Aegean Sea Published in Lela Magazine

The IWAI, International Women’s Association of Izmir, has been mentioned a few times on this website (Christmas Bazaar for one) and has been a great outlet for me to meet other expats! There are regular coffee meetings and outings for lunch, pottery making, and day trips to visit other nearby cities.

Well, IWA Izmir is a branch off of the women’s group, IWI in Istanbul, Turkey.  IWI has a bi-monthly magazine they release in print! It is full of helpful information about schools, exhibits for art and workshops, and experiences with IWI groups. There aren’t a lot of English print magazines in Turkey, so this is a fun magazine to have available!

My friends from IWAI, Ann and Lisa, and I teamed up to provide photos and an article featured in IWI’s magazine, Lela, titled Fun in the Historic Aegean Sea. Ann wrote the article and Lisa and I provided the photos. Ann did a fabulous job writing the article! And it is so fun to see our photos in print!

Here is the start of the article:

What do you get when you mix a group of women from all over the world with perfect Aegean springtime weather, a dash of history and a lovely lunch by the sea? Pure fun!

On Thursday, April 27, friends and soon-to-be friends from the International Women’s Association Izmir took a trip outside of Izmir. 24 women rode the bus from Izmir (6 others joined by car) to Eski Doğanbey, a lovely village located on the south side of the Dilek Peninsula National Park, near Kuşadaşı. When the ladies arrived, they took in the beautiful surroundings of the tranquil, stone-homed hamlet, over-looking the delta of the Büyük Menderes (Great Meander) River. …..

See the photos featured below!


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