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EXPAT: Foreign Numbers featured on Expat.com

Websites like Expat.com help others gain knowledge about the community, cost of living, and even neighbourhoods. Some of the best advice is from first hand experience. This website also has articles about expat living as well.

As we have transitioned to Izmir, Jason and I have both talking on language learning. Turkish isn’t the easiest language and there are quirky things in every language. Numbers can be a whole different ballgame! As Jason found he needed a tool to help learn Turkish numbers better, he started a website called Foreign Numbers to help him practice. As others found the website, an app was requested.

Recently, Jason shared Foreign Numbers via an interview at Expat.com website to share a new app that helps others focuses on learning numbers in another language. If you have wondered about Jason’s new app Foreign Numbers, then continue reading about here…




If you have more specific questions about our expat lives, our FunkTravels Podcast Episode032 and Episode033 answers most of them!

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