Episode002: When you spend to much on dinner in San Francisco

Episode 002 is here and makes this feel more real! As we are still in the midst of a normal work-filled (somewhat mundane) February, we decided it would be way cooler to talk through our 2015 travels over the next few episodes. We will still chat about some life updates as well at the beginning… which sometimes gets us off track, but that’s okay. Our goal this week was to start off with our travels to San Francisco and Boston. But we surprised ourselves by only making it through one of the two cities… So in keeping with our promise to keep it to 30-40 minutes, we only had time for one of them. Enjoy listening to our travels in San Francisco and stay tuned for Boston in the next episode. Who knew we could chat that long over updates and travels? 😉


Life Updates:

  • Little bit of Catie’s first experience with the Iowa caucus. You can read more about it here and here.
  • We are working on two goals for 2016. Hear how they are the same and how they differ… there may be prisoner workout routine involved.
    • Quote: A year from now you will wish you started today. – Karen Lamb
  • Hear about some decluttering as part of transitioning to life overseas.
    • End point: Catie’s ‘proactiveness’ is aka for it takes waaaayyyy longer to purge her earthly treasures.

San Francisco:

Scroll to the bottom to see some pictures!

  • Hear a nugget about budgeting for travel
    • This man is our friend… well, sorta, if he met us then we would be.
    • End Point: Agree on what to spend BEFORE you go
  • Couple of other fun links for the area:

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See you in TWO weeks for our next episode to hear about our travel to BOSTON!