Episode001: When a campaign caller interrupts your first podcast

Welp folks, we recorded our first podcast. Now, be somewhat kind to us as we are newbies to this thing and are just spreading our wings. BUT we also value your honesty. We would love your feedback and thoughts on the show. So, please leave a comment below or send us a message.


  • Jason own a software consulting business called Tough Space.
  • Catie works at an international programs office at a university developing study abroad programs which is pretty amazing thing to do.
  • You will find out that one of us isn’t Iowan, and that we met here.
  • We cover five reasons we started the podcast.
  • And we talk about who we hope will one day listen to it as well.
  • The hopeful (wishful thinking) format of the show and four general topics are briefly mentioned towards the end of the show.

So, what are your thoughts? And what do you hope to hear more about as we move forward?


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  2. Nagdas

    Oh my god…. You guys r soooooo cute!!! I love the part where you say ‘so who are we???’ Hahhhahaha!! Also your voices r soooooo fun to hear!! And also i knw your story BUT i love listenin to you guyz say it over and over!!! Okie i m done!! In short its AWESOMEEEEE!!

    1. Catie

      You are so sweet! We love yall too!

  3. Sandy

    You guys are a hoot! “Hello children” ? I look forward to future episodes. Love y’all.

    1. Catie

      Thanks for listening Mrs. Sandy!

  4. Ryan Moore

    I love the feel of it. I’m envisioning you both sitting at a table just chatting. It’s real and honest and unedited. Don’t lose that.

    1. Catie

      So glad you enjoyed it, Ryan! Thanks for the encouraging comment!

  5. Jess Alexander

    I love it!! Especially all the “edit that out” comments. ? makes me feel like I’m there with you guys. I look forward to your next episode!

    1. Catie

      🙂 We did edit quite a bit… but Jason missed some parts 😉

  6. Ro

    Thanks for sharing! Lovely to hear your voices. You sound like a cute couple.
    I like your chosen topics that you will talk about. look forward to more!

    1. Catie

      You are sweet Ro! So excited for your adventures too!

  7. Rachel Reeg Johnson

    Y’all are so funny! Super excited to follow along on the FunkTravels!

    1. Catie

      So glad you are following along!

  8. Wanda

    Great first episode! Love to hear the fun side of your lives and look forward to hearing more as you get closer to moving out of the country. Love you both, very much!
    ~Mom Funk-Dusenberry

  9. Jen m

    Love it! I’m excited to follow you guys! Uhh Jason, your ‘hello children’ is a bit creepy…. Other than that, sounds like a fun podcast!

    1. Catie

      Tune in for episode 2 next week!

  10. Amy

    I’m cracking up! “Hello Children…” Great first episode!

    1. Catie

      You can subscribe on you phone apps via itunes now!

  11. Connie

    Enjoyed. Fun music. The podcast was more interesting than just reading about it.

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