Episode005: When you go to Dubai at the hottest time of the year

While Catie has been to Dubai a few times before, last summer was our first time to go together. We went foremost for Catie’s work, but also got the chance to visit our good friends who just happen to live there! Jason talks (in depth) about the tallest building in the world. We also chat about some things we(mostly Catie) wished we could have done. Biggest reason we didn’t? It was just so darn hot. Desert + Summer = HEAT. Fortunately for us, modern day desert visits means air conditioning everywhere – including the metro. We were super thankful, but most of all we were thankful for getting the chance to see our friends.


Learn about Dubai here.

Read about the cultural wardrobe here and here.

What we did:


Helpful tools:

Other must that we didn’t do cause it was just too hot or no time!

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