FunkTravels Podcast Episode015

Episode015: When you take a last minute road trip through Andalusia

We are in SPAIN! Yes, Spain… it is crazy that we are here. It is almost surreal that we have MOVED overseas… most likely due to not actually being in the country we want to move too just yet. However, we are making the most of it. Right now we are spending time with some family in Rota, Spain. This episode takes a new spin on how we share our travels with you as we spent the last week on a road trip through the Andalusia region of southern Spain.

This is where we usually tag all the amazing sites and places we stay at when we travel, but this time we will tease you with just the basics. Catie will be working on a new project to premier the awesomeness of this country… one city at a time.





  • Puente Nuevo – the newest of the old bridges (like really old)

Arcos de la Frontera

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