FunkTravels Podcast Episode024

Episode024: When you finish your year touring European Christmas Markets

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Episode 24!!! We released a day early to get one more podcast episode in for 2016. And this wraps up our first year of podcasting!


Currently in the Czech Republic, we will ring in the new year in Prague! So while we still have a little more to tell you about our #funkchristmas2016 tour in Prague, you will get to hear the rest our of little European Christmas market tour today! We also discuss our Christmas time in Germany and a few day trips we went on in the area.

In no particular order:

German Customs – The one we mentioned plus a few more…

Our first city we have been together – Adana

Our first country we have been to together – Switzerland

Our first trip we took together – Utah

South American country Jason traveled too – Guyana

Correction* Honduras is in Central America (Catie has yet to travel to South America!)

Continent we want to travel too – Antartica (and how to get there)

Mostly because we want to scratch off this map

Elon Musk and Tesla… and interplanetary travel

How long it takes to get to Mars? Check that out here.

Christmas Market #1 – Basel, Switzerland

Our Airbnb

Christmas Market #2 – Strasbourg, France

Our Airbnb

Batorama River Cruise

Christmas Market #3 – Saarbruken, Germany

Our Hotel

Christmas Market Foods and Mulled Wine


Our little town for the week – Kaiserslautern

Day trip #1 – Heidelberg (Helene and Michael)

Day trip #2 – Frankfurt

Special treats – Thai Massage (ours was not this extreme) and Rogue One movie

Where we wish we went – Trier, Germany and Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Where we are now – Prague – with our friends, the Rowells (You met them in Episode 17 which talks about our sailing trip!)

Questions for the listeners:

  • What are your Christmas traditions? Share one with us! We did an advent calendar again this year!
  • If you have traveled to Germany, did you have a favorite city and why?

If you are just now joining in:

We encourage you to go back into the archives and listen back to our first episode.  And we encourage you to go back and listen to Episode 9 to help get you up to speed on our big move!

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  1. Jess Alexander

    We found the same thing with the Germany!! They ALWAYS speak German first to protect their legacy, then will scoff and go to English. I always wanted to apologize for inconveniencing them and making them cater to English…

    1. Catie

      ha! That is awesome though. I tried a little bit of German but mostly just pointed!

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