Episode033: When you love Turkish food a little too much

Hello! One of our favorite parts about Turkey is the food! So in episode033, we discuss each of our top 10 list of foods we love in Turkey! We were surprised to see what each other did or did not have on their list! Also, at the beginning of this episode we talk about the local Urla Artichoke Festival and visiting another little town called Alaçatı.

Enjoy and have a great Monday!

Mentioned links:

Urla Artichoke/Enginar Festival 

Alaçatı Mosque

Our Food Lists:

Chocolate Baklava (Catie’s #10)

Lentil Soup (Jason’s #10)

Beyti Kebap (Catie’s #9)

Gozleme (Jason’s #9)

Lahmacun (Jason’s #8)

Düğün (Wedding) Soup (Catie’s #7)

Adana Kebap (Jason’s #7)

Meze and Fish (Rakı Balık) (Catie’s #6)

Izgara Kofte (Jason’s #5)

Stuffed dried eggplant (Catie’s #5)

Mantı (Jason’s #4, Catie’s #4)

Doner Ekmek (Jason’s #3)

Kahvalti – Turkish Breakfast and Sigara Boreği (Jason’s #6, Catie’s #3)

Ali Nazık (Jason’s #2, Catie’s #3)

Kunefe (Catie’s #1)

Iskender (Jason’s #1)

Questions for the listeners:

  • What Turkish food to you love?
  • What food sounded good to you?
  • Would you try any of the food we talked about in this episode? If so, which one?

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  1. Drew Hoppenworth

    Catie, seriously, who likes chocolate baklava?

    1. Catie

      I think I know someone with the initial D.H. who made us tour the whole city of Istanbul for some! 😉

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