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Episode035: When you take a break for the summer


In Episode035, we talk all our upcoming summer travels. You may remember our friends, Eric and Ashley, from the sailing trip in Episode017 and yet again in our Prague/New Years travels in Episode026. Well, we will tell you all about our new summer travel schedule with them starting in June. I won’t ruin the surprise here, but listen in to see where we are travelling next with them! (Or sneak a peek at the links below…)

What can we say, we kinda like them! #coupletravellove

In other news, we announce that after a year and a half of our bi-weekly podcast, we are taking a break! Yep, between writing, traveling, language, working, and visiting families, we decided it was a good and natural time to rest for a bit.

You will hear from us periodically this summer via email, but our mics will be turned off! This would be a great time to dip back into the archives and listen in to any episodes you may have missed! We would LOVE to hear which ones are your favorites.

We also are talking about some changes. Should we continue the podcast as is? Should we find another couple to podcast with? Should we instead think about doing a short weekly vlog??? Let us know your thoughts on how we can improve sharing our expat lives with you!


Enjoy and have a great summer!

Mentioned links:

Romania – meeting up with our friends from Episode005





Singapore, Singapore

Most excited about…

Questions for the listeners:

  • What plans do you have this summer?
  • What suggestions do you have for our travels?
  • Going to be in Louisiana the end of July or Iowa in August? We would love to see you! Just reply to this email!

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As always, email us your questions and we will answer them in future episode!

If you are just now joining in:

We encourage you to go back into the archives and listen back to our first episode.  And we encourage you to go back and listen to Episode 9 to help get you up to speed on our big move!

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