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Episode037: When your podcast becomes a therapy session

Welcome back! September means (somewhat) cooler weather AND Jason’s birthday. We celebrated in 2 ways… 1. Submitting all of our paper work for our visa renewals! We are hopping to get a 2 year visa.  2. We enjoyed the last days of summer, sun, beach, and the sea on a boat tour with friends! We talk about both on the podcast.

Also, we celebrate our ‘official’ 1 year in Turkey! Jason and Catie reveal to each other their top 3 things they learned this last year. The conversation was a tough one as we talk about stresses of moving abroad and what that looks like for our marriage and relationships with others. Main areas we discuss are intentionality vs. passivity, language, and friends.


And don’t worry! We will get to our SEAsia tour that we took in July with our friends, Eric and Ashley.

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Some of our favorite quotes:

The stress of moving to a foreign country...not understanding the culture...difficulty of language, made this character trait come out more strongly. - Jason Click To Tweet The short version is: you want to do everything, and I want to do nothing. - Jason Click To Tweet The stress of my doing everything probably causes you to not want to do anything. - Catie Click To Tweet I caused a lot of my own struggles with my identity... Being a believer in Jesus Christ, my identity is in him... One, I had to find my identity in Christ and two, I had to find another creative avenue where I was helping people. -… Click To Tweet I learned how to avoid situations that would force me to learn language, which was not a good thing. - Jason Click To Tweet Friendships take a while to become meaningful. - Jason Click To Tweet The lack of effort needed for daily life (in another culture) can now turn into for building relationships with other people. Click To Tweet People who have lived here many years have more energy to give to relationships because they have lived here longer. - Jason Click To Tweet

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Questions for the listeners:

  • Are you an expat living overseas? Where do you live?
  • Have you taken a recent trip that has change you? How did you adjust to going back ‘home?
  • Have you lived in another area other than ‘home’? What did you learn from living in this new place?

As always, email us your questions and we will answer them in future episode!

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