WRITING: Guide to Braşov, Romania featured on Destinations Magazine

Destinations Magazine featured my article titled Guide to Braşov, Romania. The article covers the highlights of Braşov, the nearby city of Bran and Dracula’s Castle, and, of course, all the where to stay, eat, when to go! I still can’t believe we made it to Dracula’s Castle! Just FYI, Romania is totally overlooked!

Destinations Magazine is a “digital travel resource that debuts the best in the written word, photography and video, catering to the adventurous at heart.” They aim “to inspire people to seek out new adventures and meaningful travel experiences.”
 Here is the start of the article:

Sitting in the centre of Romania’s Transylvania region, the medieval town of Braşov is encircled by the Carpathian Mountains, an area synonymous with Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

This walled city has a colourful history, having been the prize of many wars fought over the centuries. Even with its small-town feel in the middle of the mountains, restaurants and activities are plentiful. The town’s 250,000 residents celebrate their diversity and welcome visitors warmly. Braşov offers much to explore within, and around, the city.

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Transylvania: A Guide to Braşov, Romania


Thank you, Destinations Magazine for the feature!

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WRITING: Article featured in SUITCASE Magazine

Romania was supposed to be a ‘side trip’ to our month-long SouthEast Asia itinerary, but it has definitely gotten more attention. This month, SUITCASE Magazine features my article titled CASTLES, CRÊPES AND THE CARPATHIANS: EXPLORING BRASOV, ROMANIA on their online publication.

SUITCASE Magazine is a quarterly print magazine as well as an online website that giving adventurous creatives and entrepreneurs eclectic and affordable travel options. They also dabble in apps and a series of pop-up shops and eventers around the UK. Suitcase ‘aims to immerse you in the fabric of a destination, helping you explore with insider knowledge and acting as a point of entry for cultures around the world.’


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Here is the start of the article:

Often overlooked on the regular European tourist trail, Romania is a worthy travel destination in its own right, offering a varied getaway thanks to architectural towns and medieval villages set against a backdrop of dense forests and rugged mountains.

With 20 million people spread over 240,000 square kilometres, the country is perfect for a road-trip-meets-city adventure. Serviced by most major airlines, Bucharest makes an easy starting point. Once known as the “little Paris” of Romania, the capital sets an example for the smaller outlying villages like Brasov, with a diverse cityscape made up of gothic, baroque and renaissance styles.

Sitting in the centre of Romania’s Transylvania region in the Carpathian Mountains (made famous by Dracula) Brasov was established by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. During the medieval period it was occupied by the Saxons, who turned the city into a walled citadel to protect against invaders. Today, Brasov is surrounded by those same medieval stone walls, but crêpe stands and cafés line the town’s wide, pedestrian-only main boulevard.


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Thank you SUITCASE Magazine for the feature. I am honored to be working with you as a writer.


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