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WRITING: European Christmas Market Tour Article featured in Lale Magazine

I wrote an article featured in Lale Magazine titled European Christmas Market Tour. The article covers our Christmas Market Tour starting in Basel, Switzerland and ending in Prague, the Czech Republic with our route taking us through Strasbourg, France and several places in Germany. My favorite market would be our short time in Basel, but check out the rest to see which one you would prefer!

Lale Magazine is an expat magazine produced by the IWI, International Women of Istanbul. The bi-monthly magazine is shipped to over 600 private home, as well as all advertisers and sponsors. The readers are comprised mostly of Turkish nationals married to foreigners, but also foreigners living in Istanbul. It is full of helpful information about local schools, exhibits for art and workshops, and experiences with IWI groups. There aren’t a lot of English print magazines in Turkey, so this is a fun magazine to have available!


Continue reading here… or scroll down (flip to page 42).

FunkTravels Lale Magazine European Christmas Markets

FunkTravels Lale Magazine European Christmas Markets

FunkTravels Lale Magazine European Christmas Markets


You can also view the article via the link below. Flip to page 42.


Thank you, Lale Magazine for the feature. I am honored to be working with you as a writer.


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  1. Ashley Rowell

    This is so great! ☺️ And I’m glad I got to be a part of that!

    1. Catie

      True dat! I am glad we were able to spend some time exploring together!

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