funktravels podcast episode 10

Episode010: When you have to tell the host you broke their bed

EPISODE 10!  As Jason says in the podcast, it is our ‘decade’ of podcast episodes. It has been so fun to share our lives with you! If you missed our BIG announcement, go back and listen to Episode 9. You don’t want to miss it! Thanks to everyone for your support and well wishes from Facebook and Instagram!

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We are back from our time in Colorado. If you have listened to other episodes (particularly the ones about San Francisco, Boston, Italy, and Dubai, and Washington D.C.), then you know we like to add on some play days to our work conferences we attend. We chat about some of our highlights like biking from Frisco to Dillon, A-basin Scenic Lift-and-Lunch, lunch at The Lost Cajunthis Italian restaurant in Denver, and see some old friends. We also mention the cute cozy resort Airbnb in Keystone that we loved (even though it seemed deserted), and the not so awesome Airbnb we stayed at in Denver (great view and location but cheap mis-matched furniture).

There are 3 updates about our transition! Tune in to hear them.

Few other things we referenced:
Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney  – Listen to it here
Minimum Viable Podcast – We can’t vouch for it since we haven’t listening to it. But give it a try!
Marriage is Funny Podcast – They are wonderfully witty and deep in their discussions about topics within their marriage.

You can check out some pics of our trip to Colorado below!

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