podcast episode 11

Episode011: When you have to get on the same page about your moving to-do list

After an extra week delay, we are back with episode 11! June has been hot, much hotter than last year at this time. We are soaking up our last few summer months here in the states with family and friends. Even managed to get a nasty summer stomach bug, but we are much better now. Our countdown to the move is officially 43 days (says my handy little countdown app)! If you are just coming to this website and down know why we have a countdown, we encourage you to go back and listen to Episode 9.

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We spent this episode sharing some of our moving updates. Including the following topics:

  • Packing and moving stuff into storage
  • Apostille…Apostilized…. Apostilization??? Read more about it here.
  • To-do list
  • Relocation companies list these two: Metis and Yellali
  • Sailing!  Specifically this route with these friends!



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