Episode013: When a coup slightly alters your travel plans


Hello friends! We are just coming along with our move here which means there are boxes, bags, and clothes everywhere! We have just over 2 weeks before we depart the states for our big international move. But in the next week, we will become homeless until our departure in August.  We didn’t talk about this in our podcast, but Catie ran the Chicago Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon with her mom and sis. There were 8 people in our group and we all stayed in one big Airbnb rental here. With 2 small children as part of our party, it was handy to have our own living/kitchen space for meals as well as a washer/dryer since it poured rain at the end of the half marathon. (Just more reason to go for an Airbnb on your next trip! You can get $30 off your first say via our referral.)


Since our last episode, there was a failed coup in Turkey. You will hear a little history of coups for Turkey and how we are responding to the recently enforced state of emergency (Spoiler! It’s more travel!)

This episode premiers one of our friends, Scott Rank, a history professor. He focuses on the Middle East and Christian-Muslim relations. He also writes books and makes online courses.

Here are a few links to the books he mentioned:

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