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Episode012: When love at first sight takes 5 years



Hello all! The weather in Iowa these past two weeks has been all over the place – hot, rainy, AND cold. But this last weekend has been absolutely gorgeous, and we have been soaking it up! We have 1 month until we head overseas! We have enjoyed the Des Moines Farmers Market and finding new vendors like the Emu stand.  Catie also shares a little bit about her secret home brew of Kombucha. Enjoy another article about the benefits of Kombucha here. We mentioned this kind that you can buy in some markets.

Due to the recent events in Turkey, our discussion reflects some of our thoughts and feelings. We are deeply saddened about the bombing in Istanbul. We wanted to express our gratitude to those who have expressed their concerns about our move. That is our ‘feeling for feeling response’ (learned from a marriage conference on this book a while back) and hope that you find a way to trust us. Of course, if you are just now joining in, listen back to our first episode.  And we encourage you to go back and listen to Episode 9 to help get you up to speed on our big change coming up!

We also share 3 facts we lean on as we we move forward:

  1. It is safer than it sounds. – It is important to see the positive and not overlook the number of people who have survived an attack. No one should ever have to die, and we are not dismissing the victims. We mourn for them.
  2. The people on the ground feel it is safe. – We have a network a friends that we trust to be our eyes and ears on the ground before we go and while we are there.
  3. No place is completely safe. – The goal is not to confuse random attacks with everyday warfare on the streets that is happening in other countries.

Context is important when deciphering and sifting through what you hear on the news verses the overall day-to-day safety of living in a country. We both discuss our time that we spend in Turkey as singles and how we first met (enjoy some of our first pictures together in the gallery below!). To learn more about Turkey and it’s culture, start here.

Turkish word (or phrase) of the episode: ‘iyiyim’ which translate as ‘I am good.’ So know you know how to say hello, goodbye, how are you, and I am good! A quick reference for greetings can be found here.

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