Episode019: When you have a love/hate relationship with your new home

Don’t we all have a love/hate relationships with our home!?! A month in to living in Izmir, we have found ourselves in our new apartment… not without some on-going glitches which we cover in this episode.


You will hear 3 things we are loving about our apartment and 3 things we aren’t. We also tell you how we are buying home goods(new, second hand, off the street???) and a couple fun items coming our way. Let’s just say that Catie is a little picky(said by Catie, not Jason). For some sneak peeks of our new rental apartment, head over to Instagram or our Facebook Page.

What else are we up too? Online course and visa runs have been taking up the rest of our time. Listen to hear more about what online class we are taking and why we are having to make multiple trips to the visa office…

In no particular order:

Some info about neighborhoods in Izmir

Enza Home – couch


Letgo – Second hand website we have been using

Second Language Acquisition course

Turkish residence permits


Questions for our listeners:

If you are a plumber and have tips for a leaky toilet, let us know! (Not really a question, but a call for help!)

Where do you like to buy your furniture or house goods? New or second hand? What is one items that you would be willing to spend more money on?

Anyone out there have a good visa story to tell? We would love to hear it.

Also, we want to know for those who are married, would you take language classes with your spouse? If you are single and had a roommate, would you take the language class together?

If you are just now joining in:

We encourage you to go back into the archives and listen back to our first episode.  And we encourage you to go back and listen to Episode 9 to help get you up to speed on our big move!

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