FunkTravels Podcast Episode020

Episode020: When you cry after your first day of language class

This week snuck up on us! And so did November! Turkey has been our new home for 2 months now, and we are starting to settle in for the long term (and for winter, which should be much milder than the Iowa ones we have had).


This episode covers some of the updates about our new apartment and visas. We also chat about language learning and how we decided to go about this process right now.

What else are we up too? Listen to hear more about a weekend getaway to a cute little nearby coastal town as well as an ancient one!

In no particular order:

EYE Language School (instead of Tomer)

GPA Method 

Turkish residence permits

Mediterranean Cruise



Girne Car Rental

Although it was not mentioned in our podcast updates, the last 3 month state of emergency for Turkey was extended back in mid-October for an additional 3 months. According to their constitution, the state of emergency can last for no longer than 6 months. Life for us and most people here are back to normal, but there are those who are still trying to rebuild their lives.

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  1. Jess Alexander

    The gas thing happens in Spain all. the. time. It took weeks and weeks for us to get internet. Set an appointment, wait around, maybe the come, maybe they don’t… Total headache. Same thing when we switched companies – wait and wait for the guy to come just to pick up the router!

    1. Catie

      So glad to hear we aren’t the only ones… but sad that happened to you because I know y’all have little ones!!!

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