Episode030: When you stop for coffee in the neutral zone

Episode 30 comes to you on the 3rd month of year during Jason’s 30 year of life AND celebrating our 3rd anniversary. Couldn’t be any better way to celebrate our 30th podcast episode!


In this episode you hear about our travels to meet some Iowan friends passing through Istanbul. It was a short 2 day trip and we made the most of it. From Istanbul we started our 3rd wedding anniversary celebrations by traveling down to Cyprus.

In no particular order:




Day Travel outside of Paphos

Biblical references for Cyprus and Paphos


North Nicosia

Ledra Palace Walking Point and UN Buffer Point

Check out our Cyprus Pinterest board that inspired some of our travels!

Recent Blog Posts:

Coming soon… Post about Cyprus – Itinerary included!

Our recent weekend in Bodrum, Turkey.

Our weekend stay in at Castle Inn Cappadocia.

Questions for the listeners:

  • Have you been to Cyprus?
  • If so, where did you go? What did you find interesting about it?

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  1. Ashley Rowell

    Thanks for sharing about Cyprus! There were so many things I didn’t know about that place…pretty much everything because I didn’t know anything about Cyprus before I listened to the podcast.

    Also, Jason, I think it’s funny that you hadn’t been to the cisterns in Istanbul! I’ve been to Istanbul twice, and I’ve been to the cisterns BOTH times!! 🙂

    1. Catie

      Cyprus is one cool place! We want to go back again! Next time you can come with? k? 😉

      And yes, I know, Jason lived here 6 months… How could he have not!?

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