Episode031: When you host your first Q&A – Part 1

We answer some of your questions! Thanks to all of those who contributed to our Q&A episode! We definitely will have another Q&A episode. Please send us your questions and we will answer them in the next episode!

Also, at the beginning of this episode we talk about a few of highlights in last week or two. Last weekend was the first ever Izmir Chocolate Festival and you can read more about it on our website and check out some photos. On Friday, we had to say goodbye to some sweet friends who are moving back to the states. There are so many good and hard things about living in a transient expat community!

Enjoy the Q&A time!


Highlighted questions in this episode:

How did you decide you wanted to move to Turkey or was a job offer for that spot?

What unexpected thing did you learn about yourself and each other that surprised you?

Are there turkeys in Turkey and do you eat them?

I want to know about the cost of things! I find it interesting how everyday things (i.e. bread, can of coke, gallon of gas, etc) cost!

What is the Turkish money called and what is the exchange rate? How do you exchange your American money to Turkish money?

Do you have a bank locally in Turkey?

Do a lot of the people speak English?

What are the advantages of living overseas versus the states?
Do people wear traditional dress on a regular basis? If so, what does that look like?
Why does Catie not cover her head as she did when she lived in Afghanistan?

We are taking questions for our next episode!!! 

Email us your questions and we will answer them in the next episode!

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